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We are occupational therapists by nature and educational consultants by experience. We have a unique lens when it comes to creating and designing wellness spaces. We bring an in-depth understanding of the nervous system and a neurodiversity-affirming approach when it comes to encompassing a sensory-enriched and inclusive setting, while incorporating your school’s unique culture as well.


Our Mindful Wellness Spaces serve as a proactive and preventative approach to supporting staff and student mental health and wellbeing. This unique space is curated with specific items that promote calmness to reduce external stimuli that can often be overstimulating. This space can be used in a variety of ways! It can provide students and staff with opportunities to focus on self-care, mental health support, building coping strategies, calming the nervous system, and so much more.



  • Initial collaborative consultation to review school’s vision for the space

  • mim will provide comprehensive list of foundational items and options to explore for the space 

  • mim will provide a comprehensive list of of mindful items and equipment, suitable for the nature of your ideal space

  • A consultation will be scheduled to review the list to align with school’s vision

  • Ongoing communication in regards to the space during queuing time to prepare the space such as scheduling training and collaboratively creating a manual that is tailored specifically to the school's culture

  • Once foundation is set up and materials arrive, a consultation will be provided to review logistics

  • Training for all interested staff members on understanding and expectations of the space, safety, use of each equipment, implementation process

    • Ongoing support and training can be provided at additional cost per hour/training

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