What We Do

We provide a variety of services that incorporates mindfulness and movement in our professional practice to promote academic performance, life productivity, and emotional regularity throughout a lifespan. 


We offer parent, teacher, and staff trainings in the following topics:

  • Mindfulness and Movement and its Impact on Learning

  • Learning Without Tears: Assessment and Implementation

  • Supporting Executive Functioning Challenges

  • Empowering Teachers via RtI Approaches to Support School Related Occupations

  • A Mindful Approach to Self-Injurious Behaviors 

  • Toilet Training Strategies for the Neurodivergent Child

  • Writing Strength-Based Assessments

  • Sensory & Movement Spaces to Support Inclusive Practices

  • The Basics of School-Based Occupational Therapy practice

  • Developing Foundational Skills through Play-Based Therapy

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We offer virtual or in person consultations (locally) to parents, educational staff, and occupational therapy practitioners.

  • Navigating the IEP process as a parent of a neurodivergent child

  • Navigating the IEP process as an occupational therapist

  • Writing strength-based reports

  • How to incorporate evidence-based mindfulness and movement into practice


Our comprehensive private and educational occupational therapy strength-based assessments will assist in identifying the OT related areas of supports to provide your child with an individualized treatment plan to achieve developmental and academic success. 

Areas we assess:

Developmental Milestones

Activities of Daily Living

Functional Life Skills

Transition Skills

Fine Motor

Visual Motor

Visual Perception

Sensory Integration


Building Blocks
Indoor Playground

Sensory + Movement Spaces

Sensory and movement spaces provide structured and safe opportunities to regulate and calm the nervous system, while promoting various important developmental skills. Let's collaborate to build your space, whether it's at home, school, or a private clinic. We offer consultations, staff trainings, and ideas to service all of your needs.

Examples of Supported Skills:

Motor planning

Independent exploration

Play development

Motor control and coordination


Sensory Integration + Modulation + Regulation

Executive functioning

Wellness Spaces serve as a proactive and preventative approach to supporting staff and student mental health and wellbeing. This unique space is curated with specific items that promote calmness to reduce external stimuli that can often be overstimulating. This space can be used in a variety of ways! It can provide students and staff with opportunities to focus on self-care, mental health support, building coping strategies, calming the nervous system, and so much more.